little Horrors

Final Degree Project – Art. Sculpture. Research.
My love for horror films stems from my childhood memories of time spent bonding with my Dad. While watching them with my dad, he always made me feel safe and protected.
The film ‘Silent Hill’ (directed by Christophe Gans); set the scene for this project. With an atmospheric mood sirens sound and daylight fades to black. The walls in the building begin to peel, and the horror begins as mutated ‘entities’ come out from the blackness. This pattern is repeated throughout the film. This project explores the fears behind disfigured and animalistic ‘creatures’ in these kinds of films, based on a visual reaction.
The repetitious changes of atmosphere in this film (to reflect the fear), is interesting. The character depictions in Tim Burton’s Films, with their spindly appendages and distorted features added another influential layer to the design and making of my ‘Little Horror’ collection. The atmospheric illustrations of Stephen Gammell (to which I am a fan), were a motivating factor in my creature designs and photography.
These ‘hybrid, weird, dark, sinister, twisted and strange’ characters, were made from a mixture of interestingly shaped and textured objects found in nature and coated in black and white.
These ‘creatures’ form the basis of development into my ‘Twisted and Strange in Horror Film’ collection.